Intiland Holds Topping Off Ceremony of Praxis Superblock

Surabaya (30/08) – The national property developer, PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland;DILD) has successfully completed the construction of Praxis superblock’s main structure. The company officiated the completion of the construction work of this mixed use &...

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Mercure Praxis Hotel Has Now Topped Off at 30 Stories Tall

The hotel tower of Praxis was topped off last month. The next stage is the installation of exterior glass and lightweight concrete brick. Tower which will be fully functional as hotel has reached the top floor of 30. The well-known international hotel chain, Mercure...

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Trend Positif Bisnis & Investasi Indonesia

ECONOMIC UPDATE 9 JUNI 2017 Setelah menyentuh dasar (bottom) pada 2016, trend perekonomian Indonesia pada 2017 ini mulai pulih dan berjalan ke arah positif. Indikator itu terlihat dari semua mesin ekonomi mulai berjalan normal. Faktor eksternal tidak lagi menjadi...

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